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Email Services!

Email settings for Client!
  • POP3 Server: mail.manoliu.it (port is 110)
  • SMTP Server: mail.manoliu.it (port is 25)
  • Login With: Your E-mail Address (for example manoliui@manoliu.it)
  • Password: Your E-mail Password
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FTP Services!

FTP settings for Client!
  • Your FTP Hostname: ftp.manoliu.it or
  • Your FTP Username: Your Username ( ex: username@manoliu.it)
  • Your FTP Password: Your Password
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Web Design Services!

Additional information !
  • We create websites for small and medium businesses!
  • Websites made in WordPress, Fast Secure and Cost efficient!
  • Service available in English and Italian!
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If you have any question or you want any of the above Services send an email to lucian@manoliu.it !